Friday, 8 September 2017

 Who we are?

Hakizetu Tanzania, Previously known as Hakizetu Young Women and Girls' Rights Organization, is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in Tanzania with the Certificate of Incorporation No.83767 of  2011. Hakizetu is a Swahili word, which literally means Our rights’ in EnglishHakizetu was founded by 5 persons; 2 men and 3 women who felt compelled to undertake and implement the goal and objectives under the core values of the organization towards positive action to enhance the youths, young women and girls’ voices to access their universal human rights to equity, equality, justice and safety. 

Our Mission
To build capacities and motivate the community, sensitize policy makers and functionaries and promote activities and programs of the national and international declaration on gender equality for the prevention of early pregnancies and marriages in Tanzania

 Our Goal
Hakizetu’s overall goal is to contribute to the personal safety, health and social protection of young women and girls towards the prevention of early pregnancies and marriages in Tanzania.

Our Vision
A justice society where human rights and voice of the voiceless young women and girls are heard supported and advocated at local, national and international arenas.

Our Purpose
To promote and strengthen the voices of the young women and girls’ voices so as to enable them to access their universal human rights for enhanced equity, justice and safety resulting into the long-term prevention of early marriages and pregnancies through strategic capacity building, community mobilization, policy advocacy and paralegal programs.

Our Commitments 
We are committed to conduct programs that aim to build capacities and raise awareness of community members and other stakeholders including policy makers to be better organized, strengthened and able to take actions to prevent, mitigate violence against women (VAW), early pregnancy and marriage. By provision of literacy sessions based on human rights; gender based violence, young women’s leadership skills, as well as various youth development programs to deepen self esteem and confidence among youth. 

Our Core  Values 
i.             Preventing violence against women and girls
ii.           Equality and justice for men and women
iii.         Tolerance and appreciation of diversity
iv.          Respect of the Rights of women and girls and their inherent dignity
v.            Accountability, stakeholders and beneficiaries

vi.          Social justice and solidarity